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Gadgets and Equipment used to control dogs are Abuse and Torture and Nothing Less!

If every time some one sprayed some liquid at you when you talked or shocked you with an electric shock when you moved what would you think? Trust me you would not like it.

Electric shock collars and spray collars are abuse to your best friend. Spiked collars dig into and cut the dogs neck. They are absolutely barbaric instruments of torture. Just because some so called Dog Trainer tells you to use them or shop sells them, think of what youíre actually doing to your dog. Ask them why does it help? What does it do to my dog?

Instead of actually stopping the behaviour it makes it worse because the dogs are barking and pulling and jumping because they are trying to look after their pack which is you and this thought is so strong that they will go through a lot of pain to do their job.

Dog Owners should want a loving, trusting relationship with their dogs not a bullying one. Gadgets block learning and causes resentment. There is a better way. Amichien Bonding by Jan Fennell uses no gadgets except slip leads, long line and kind collar. We use the language of the dogs and our aim is for the dogs to do things because they want to not because they are forced.

All dog Owners should be on the dogs side and if your not you should not have them.

Donít Stereotype Dogs 

Do all French people wear onions around their neck. Do all Australians wear cork screws on their hats? Of Course not.

If I ask you what is the most dangerous dog in America you would probably say Pitbull, Rotweiler, Staff or German Shepherd. But that is completely false. The most dangerous dogs in America are Labradors! "Why?" do you ask. Simply because there are more of them.

All dogs come from and think like Wolves. Any dog can bite and will bite if put in the wrong situation. Depending on the dogs personality some are more prone than others such as some have nervous aggression. Which makes them aggressive simply because they are scared which most animals including humans would do in the same situation.

I have washed Staffís for six years and never been bitten or met one who was not soft and gentle and loving. Of course as I have already said thatís not to say a Staff wonít bite because  they would. But they have real reasons such as defending their den, pack, themselves or over food. But for a wolf this is just nature. Dogs live in our human world and we expect them to act like modern humans but the dogs still act like wild wolves.

Remember any dog can bite but any dog can be as gentle as a butterfly as well. It all depends on the personality of the dog and the situation us humans put them in.

Why Do We Walk Dogs?

Does anyone know where the idea that we must walk our dogs everyday comes from? The concept of dog walking has many potential starting points- King Charles, Victorian promenades, the Blitz, more leisure time etc, but since when have we been told that it is necessary? We have had dogs for thousands of years without doing it and without the problems we can have today. Cesar Milan says we must do it for hours, yet Jan Fennell says we don't have to do it at all. Who is right and why? 

International Day Of the Dog 

It is the 5th International Day Of The Dog on Sunday 25th April 2010 encouraging dog owners all over the world to participate in one day of fun with their dogs.

Whether its going for a picnic, having a party, or just giving an extra big fuss. IDOD is about spending quality time with our four-legged friends.

It is also a good excuse to raise money for your chosen dog charity.

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